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About Us

We, the Munich Business & Finance Club, are a student association based in the heart of Munich and form an invaluable interface between theory and a hands-on approach.

In the six departments that make up our club, you have the possibility to play an active role in shaping our club and gather valuable experience from various projects. As we are an interdisciplinary initiative, we have a suitable department for all interests - Communication & Law, Finance, Marketing, Personal & Organisation, Education and Strategy & IT.

As part of our community, you will have the opportunity to develop your own network, further invest in your knowledge and grow beyond yourself, both personally and professionally.

We are looking forward to welcome you into our club!

Ressort Finanzen des Munich BFC


In our Finance department, you are responsible for the financial matters of our association. Here, you will have the opportunity to take care of the accounting and controlling of the Munich Business & Finance Club. You will plan, manage and monitor the budget as well as gain valuable insights into various topics of accounting, insurance, income, expenses and tax.

Ressort Strategie & IT des Munich BFC

Strategy & IT

Our Strategy & IT department is responsible for the strategic orientation as well as the digital presentation of the Munich Business & Finance Club. As a Strategy & IT team member, you will work on the analysis, development and implementation of our club concept. You will collect and analyze data and trends related to the club's activities and maintain our IT systems.

Ressort Kommunikation & Recht des Munich BFC

Communication & Law

Our Communication & Law team is takes charge of the initial contact, the management and the expansion of our partner network. As part of this department, you will identify cooperations and form long-term and sustainable partnerships. Thereby you will ensure a flawless communication between our club, our partner companies, our academic partners and our networks.

Ressort Personal & Organisation des Munich BFC

Human Resources

In our Human Resources department, you will not only be responsible for recruiting, but also for all club events. Our goal is to organize informational and kick-off events for our new members to ensure an optimal integration into our community. Together with us, you will create exciting workshops, networking and team building events as well as manage our symposium.

Ressort Marketing des Munich BFC


In our Marketing department, you are responsible for the planning and implementation of our club identity. You will focus on storytelling, content creation and manage our social media channels. It is important to us to offer our followers an entertaining and educational added value, so go ahead and let your creativity spark! Together with our Marketing team, you will organize advertising campaigns on social media, apply SEO and SEA as well as gain new followers for us and our mission.


Our Education department is responsible for exciting projects related to your personal development and growth. As part of this team, you will be supporting the club in the organization of external workshops and presentations with our partner companies. You will develop new professional training and education concepts in order to refine the soft and hard skills of our club members with the help of our partner firms.

Our Vision

We offer a supportive platform for the exchange of knowledge and expertise, thus creating a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth.

Our Mission

Our priority is the education and development of students with a strong interest in business and finance to facilitate the break into their dream career.


Become a part of our community and get in touch with other students in Munich. As a club member, you will have the chance to create your own personal network to stay up to date on business topics and make invaluable connections for your future career.


Deepening your knowledge and enhancing your skills in both finance and business topics is our priority. As a member of our club, you will have access to lots of information about stocks, markets and finance through free lectures, workshops and other sources.


As part of our club, you will have the opportunity to steadily improve your soft skills and grow professionally. The exchange between like-minded and motivated students allows us to learn from each other and get exciting insights. We strongly believe in knowledge sharing and strengthening the triad of individual, economy and society.

Our Management Team


Ferdinand Meinersmann
Chairman of the Board

Ferdinand studies Business Administration at LMU München with a focus on finance and marketing. He is especially interested in trading and entrepreneurship.

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Noel Strecker
Vice Chairman of the Board

Noel studied Economics at LMU München. He is especially interested in M&A and private equity.

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Alexander Adamo
Head of Marketing

Alexander studies Business Administration at LMU München. His main goal is to gain knowledge in every discipline, grow and to have a good impact. He is particularly interested in asset management, strategy, and sales.

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Anton Sattler
Head of Finance

Anton studies Economics at LMU München. He is especially interested in consulting and private equity.

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Merve Öztekin
Head of Strategy & IT

Merve studies Information Systems at TUM with a focus on information security. She is interested in trading and financial markets.

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Sophie Limberg
Head of Human Resources

Sophie studies Business Administration at LMU München with a focus on Accounting and Digital Business. Her interest include financial advisory as well as strategic digital transformation.

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Hannah Beissinger
Head of Communication & Law

Hannah studies Business Administration at LMU München with a focus on finance and digital business. She is particularly interested in strategy and digitalization consulting.

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