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What we're looking for

  • Students currently enrolled at a university in Munich with a keen interest in business and finance

  • Team players with excellent communication skills who thrive best in a highly collaborative and diverse environment

  • Enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are eager to learn and grow

What we offer

  • A tight-knit community of highly motivated and determined students with a deep interest in business and finance

  • Hands-on experience in the ideal design of portfolios and analysis of companies

  • A close network of club members and partner firms

  • Exclusive workshops and events by our members and partners

  • Trainings in finance and capital markets in collaboration with our networks (e.g. BVH Certified Finance Student)

Have we sparked your interest? 

Then find out how to join the club!


Apply now and become a member of Munich Business & Finance Club! 
The Application window is open until 30th of April 2024.


When is the next application period?

There are two application periods per year, each at the start of the new semester.

Do I need to study a business or finance related major in order to participate?

A business or finance related major is not necessary if you bring a keen interest in these topics.

How time-consuming is a membership?

Your contributions to the club can be designed individually according to the projects and activities you choose to participate in.

Is an application in English mandatory?

No, you can apply either in German or in English - it is up to you!

Is the application open for first-year students as well?

Yes, we welcome applications from all motivated students with a great interest in business and finance.

Is there an opportunity to get to know the club before applying?

Yes, we usually organize a get-to-know-us event one or two weeks prior to the application deadline.

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